Thursday, 15 July 2010

Submitted to MoFilm - June 07, 2010

Referring to both the attempts of the Iranian government and the quote above, "Reversing the Wave" is a 'Subvertisement' that brings Nokia's brand identity closer in alignment to its actions. In the style of Ad-Busters Magazine and the Yes Men it offers "Brand Identity Correction" for a corporation who has put profits above privacy and basic human rights.

In early June 2010 the spot above was entered in the MoFilm competition for the Cannes Lions TV Advertising Festival 2010, where the brief was to produce an innovative 60 second advertisement for Nokia. Instead, this 'Subvertisement' made by American filmmaker, Deena DeNaro, was entered into the competition. We did not envisage the film being accepted as it is a strong criticism of Nokia’s dealing with Iran. However, surprisingly the film has been short-listed to compete for the final round.

Initially we were approached to do a piece for any one of the competition's sponsors, however, Nokia's brief jumped out at us over all the others for the sheer inconsistencies between it's projected corporate values and it's actions. While we work a lot with advertising and branding, we feel it is troubling when companies think they can say one thing and do something else.

At DdB Media we don't believe that a corporation should be able to re-write history with marketing speak.